The 10 Best Caves to Explore in Europe

These 10 caves are among some of the most impressive natural sights that Europe has to offer. Experience a romantic boat trip within the Blue Grotto in Malta or put your climbing skills to the challenge by taking a trip to Gouffre Berger in France.

Bisevo, Croatia


A short distance from the Croatian coast is the rocky island of Bisevo, which is home to a selection of caves including the popular Blue Cave. This stunning natural sight got its name from the blue glow of the water, which is caused by sunlight slipping in through an underground crevice. In 1884 it became a popular tourist attraction when the opening was made large enough for small boats to enter. The best time to visit it is during the summer between 10am and 1pm, as this is when the glow is at its brightest.


Postojnska Jama, Slovenia


As soon as you step foot inside this immense natural formation, you will understand why it’s considered to be the best-known cave in the world. It boasts a staggering 21km of passages containing halls and galleries. The first visitor entered the cave in 1819 and it has since become one of the most popular attractions in the country. You will find it a short distance from Postojna and because it is deep underground, you can visit it at any time of year from the summer months to the winter months. If you’re lucky you’ll see an Olm – a small salamander said to be the offspring of dragons!


Gouffre Berger, France

  Once Deadly Cave Now Conquered By Humankind  

With a depth of over 1,000 metres, this impressive cave was once thought to be the deepest and most dangerousin the world. Located in Vercors in the south-east of France, the cave was discovered on the 24th May 1953 and has since built an infamous reputation as a deadly attraction, mainly due to it’s depth. Because it’s underground, you can visit it at any time of year but if you’re thinking of trying to descend, you will need to be an expert climber! At the bottom you will find large lakes and waterfalls with water that is crystal clear.


Blue Caves, Zakynthos


The famous Blue Caves of Zakynthos are much more suitable for those who don’t have any climbing experience and great for kids, as they are located above the earth! They can be seen from the water and access is easy thanks to the many boat excursions that visit them. Relax on the boat as you enter the caverns and you will even get the chance to go for a swim just outside of the entrance in the azure waters. They are located in the Skinari region towards the north of the island and have become popular since their discovery in 1897. Summer is the best time of year to visit due to the warm weather.


Cuevas del Drach, Spain


On the island of Majorca near the town of Manacor is where you will find the Cuevas del Drach, a system of four large caves that are thought to have been discovered around 1338. Each of these caves has their own name, the Cave of the French, the Cave of Louis Salvador, the Black Cave and the White Cave. You will be not only impressed with the sheer size of them, but also a candle lit musical performance in the depths of the cave.


Blue Grotto, Capri


On the northern coast of the island of Capri, close to Italy’s Neopolitan Riviera is the beautiful Blue Grotto, a stunning cave containing water that glows a gorgeous shade of blue. This is caused by sunlight entering the water from outside and you can see it for yourself thanks to the numerous boat trips that take you within the cave. The best time to visit is during the summer when skies are at their clearest between late morning and early afternoon. It is said to have been discovered in Roman times but only became a modern attraction in the 1830’s.


Eisriesenwelt, Austria



Austria is home to many beautiful sights, including this cave that has since become one of the world’s best-known caves. The Eisriesenwelt is a huge limestone ice cave close to the Austrian market town of Werfen. Extending more than 40km, you won’t be short of areas to explore inside the cave but it’s recommended that you have climbing experience before trying to explore the interior. It was officially discovered in 1879 and since then over 200,000 tourists visit every year.


Green Caves, Canary Islands

  Green Caves  

The Green Caves also known as the Cueva de los Verdes is a stunning cave on the island of Lanzarote. It dates back over three thousand years when it was formed by an underground lava flow, something that the volcanic Canary Islands are famous for. The volcanic minerals give the walls of the cave a light green glow, which reflects off the water beneath. You can visit it on foot, with no climbing experience needed. Make sure you visit the large concert hall within the cave, which is one of the most impressive sights.


Lamprecht’s Cave


Close to the Leogang Mountains in Austria is Lamprecht’s Cave, a stunning natural underground formation that has become one of Austria’s most popular attractions. It is part of the Dachstein caves and although it may be the youngest in the group, is has become the most famous. Inside you will find wooden steps that lead you deep underground, avoiding the slippery rocks. Many say that the cave played a part in the crusades and that mystery surrounds it. It’s the perfect destination for families and can be enjoyed at any time of the year.


Blue Grotto, Malta


Located on Malta’s southern coast close to the village of Qrendi, is where you will find the cave network known as the Blue Grotto. The cave got its name from the light blue glow of the water caused by the sunlight shining through the entrance. Boat tours regularly visit the cave network and it’s not all about sightseeing, you can get active by snorkelling in the water or by having a go at rock climbing. You’ll want to keep warm, so make sure you visit during the summer, as the water will be at its warmest and the glow will be at its brightest.


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