10 amazing day trips from Benidorm (Costa Blanca)

It’s easy to see why Benidorm is such a popular holiday destination, as not only does it boast it’s own entertainment, activities and attractions but it’s also close to many others, which includes vibrant cities, scenic valleys, mountain towns and exciting theme parks. Benidorm is without a doubt one of the best places to base yourself when exploring the Costa Blanca and here are just 10 of the amazing day trips you can enjoy.

1. Visit Calpe

A short distance along the coast to the north of Benidorm is the picturesque town of Calpe where you will get the chance to enjoy challenging hiking trails, exhilarating activities such as waterskiing and paragliding and jaw-dropping views of the landscape and the sea. It’s refreshingly different in many ways making it the ideal place for an excursion during your Benidorm holiday. Start off by heading to the Penon de Ifach, a huge rock that climbs 332m out of the sea. It’s a protected nature reserve, so expect to see many beautiful birds plus it’s one of the best spots for panoramic views, as you can climb to the top via a tunnel. Hire a kayak and explore the sea caves under the nearby Morro de Toix ridge or relax on one of the golden sand beaches before exploring the museums in the town centre.

2. Scare your children at the theme parks

Benidorm is close to some fantastic theme parks and waterparks, so you won’t have any trouble scaring the kids thanks to the superfast rollercoasters and unnervingly steep waterslides. Terra Mitica is a huge theme park offering five different lands with rides that include the adrenaline inducing Tizona looping rollercoaster and the Flight of the Phoenix, which boasts a 54m free fall. The Falls of the Nile rollercoaster is also pretty scary and you may even get wet! If getting wet sounds like your thing then the Aqualandia waterpark is for you, as it’s home to a selection of exciting slides including Vertigo, which boasts a 22m vertical drop. There’s also the Big Band and the Zig Zag, which are sure to give the kids a scare.


3. Hire a car and go the Lo Pagan mud baths

For the times when all you want to do is to relax and unwind there are the Lo Pagan mud baths, which can be found on the coast just to the south of Benidorm and can be reached easily by hiring a car. Head out on the wooden platforms and cover yourself in the mineral rich mud that’s unique to the area and feel your skin become cleansed as it dries under the hot sun. The unique properties of the mud make it ideal for those with skin complaints such as acne, eczema and sores and other ailments including arthritis. Once you’ve washed the mud off in the lake, you’ll be feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, so before you head back why not do some sunbathing on the beach or go for a swim in the warm waters of the sea.

lo pagan mud baths

4. Visit the city of Valencia

The charming city of Valencia is conveniently close to Benidorm and well worth visiting, as it boasts outstanding architecture both historic and modern, as well as some stunning beaches. Visit the City of Arts & Science where you will find a huge aquarium, a planetarium, the Arts Museum, the Science Museum and also an IMAX cinema and then explore the streets to discover Valencia Cathedral, the Basilica of the Virgin and the Almoina where you can see the remains of different civilisations. If you want to do some shopping head over to the Central Market inside the gothic Lonja building, which features almost one thousand stalls. Before you head back to Benidorm why not spend some time on the city’s beaches.


5. Altea

If you want to explore the area around Benidorm but don’t want to venture too far away then visit Altea, as it’s conveniently close and only a short bus ride away. You can catch the bus straight from Benidorm and it costs around €1.75, which is much, much cheaper than hiring a car. Once you arrive explore the old town wandering through the streets and see if you can spot the Church of Our Lady of Olace and the Church of Santa Ana. Walk back along the promenade enjoying the fresh sea air and hop back on the bus, which will take you the short distance back to Benidorm.


6. Guadalest valley – a taxi doesn’t cost too much

The Guadalest valley is one of the most naturally beautiful areas in the region and believe it or not it’s only a 20 minute drive from Benidorm, so why not make the journey by taxi. Once there you will be rewarded with awe-inspiring natural views, with high mountains, lush flora and a large glistening reservoir. The valley is also home to the mountain town of Guadalest, which you simply must visit, as it features a number of fascinating museums including the Vehicles Museum showcasing more than a hundred cars and motorcycles and the fascinating Ethological Museum, which gives you an insight into the past lives of locals. Explore the cobbled streets and see if you can spot the Alcozaiba Fortress tower before experiencing the breathtaking views of the valley.


7. Visit Denia by train

The lovely coastal town of Denia features historic sights, beautiful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere making it the perfect place to spend a day away from Benidorm. One of the best ways to reach the town is by train, as it’s quick and convenient plus it will give you the chance to take in lovely views of the countryside away from the busy roads. Simply sit back and before you know it you’ll be in Denia. When you start your walk around the town it won’t be long before you come across some of the ruins that date back many hundreds of years. The town castle is in surprisingly good condition considering its age ad is well worth a photo or two. The beautiful beaches are what make it a popular destination too with both sand and rock beaches with impressive cliffs.


8. Swim in the Les Fonts de l’Algar Waterfalls

On those exceptionally hot days in Benidorm head over to the Les Fonts de l’Algar Waterfalls and cool off by jumping into the refreshing pools under the falls. You’ll be able to reach them easily by car and once there, you’ll need to ascend a large wooden staircase, which will lead you to a walkway that loops around the waterfalls and features bridges that cross the river giving you easy access all round. Why not bring a picnic, as there are plenty of lovely places to sit or grab a bite at one of the on-site restaurants. The falls are part of the River Algar, which is part of a protected wetland, so expect to see plenty of lush greenery that adds to the natural beauty of the area.


9. Downhill bike ride Benidorm

Benidorm’s exhilarating downhill bike ride starts from the highest point on the Costa Blanca and follows winding tarmac roads for 24 miles through scenic countryside passing villages, mountains and gorges. You won’t need to peddle, as it’s all down hill, so simply sit back and enjoy the ride. It’s perfect for sunny days, as the breeze will keep you cool as you glide down the hills and with regular breaks you won’t have to worry about doing it all in one go. It’s suitable for all ages and even the really young ones can join in thanks to the specially adapted child seats that you can have fitted to your bike. Best of all, you won’t need to travel there yourself, as you will be picked up from your accommodation.

downhill bike ride benidorm

10. Castle of Xàtiva

High on a mountainous ridge overlooking the town of Xativa not far from Benidorm is a huge historic castle, which is open to the public and can be reached on foot in less than an hour. Once there, you will find two parts to explore, Castillo Menor and Castillo Mayor. Make your way from one to the other and discover stunning gardens with an Arabic fountain and bronze cannons and also a prison, private rooms of the royal masters and a Catholic chapel. You will also have outstanding views across the landscape, so why not stop for a while and appreciate the spectacular panoramic views. You can go at your own pace, so there’s no need to rush and once you’ve climbed down again why not spend some time exploring the town.

Castle of Xativa sunmaster

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